The Immorteli breeding center was founded in 1997.

We are engaged in professional breeding of dogs of black-marble and fawn-brindle color.

The kennel started with a black Luxury Immorteli (18.06.1991-20.10.2002). She was not only an excellent friend and a great companion in our family, but also participated in many exhibitions and became a wonderful mother to her puppies. The center was named in her honor.

Annually, about fifteen puppies leave the kennel to meet and please their new owners. Many of them take part in dog exhibitions and win numerous prizes. More than one hundred puppies have been awarded at various dog shows.

About the breed

The forerunners of the modern Great Dane are old Bulldogs and medieval hunting dogs trained for hounding wild boars and large ungulates that were cross breeds of a strong English mastiff and a speedy greyhound.

Originally the Great Dane was associated with a large, strong dog that did not have a particular name. There were some local names or names for training qualities: Ulm Great Dane, Great Dane, Danish Dog, Hound Dog, Boar Dog, Great Dog. They differed in type, size and color.

In 1878, in Berlin it was decided to start breeding the Great Dane.

Nowadays the Great Dane is divided into several types: a companion, a watch dog and a bodyguard dog.

Taking care of the Great Dane breed.

Great Dane cannot be kept in a cage or outdoors.

Great Danes are smooth-haired dogs. If taking shower is not required, the dog's hair can be cleaned with a rubber brush, washed with a dry shampoo or special foam.

When washing, pay attention to the fact that the shampoo should be completely washed off the dog's hair. You can use a mechanical brush for large dogs. Do not forget to trim claws, as they should not interfere with the dog’s movements.

It is necessary to take care of your pet's teeth, they need to be cleaned. Checking of your dog’s eyes, ears, nose and paws is also very important. Competent and easy care will keep your dog clean, well-groomed and healthy. Of great importance are timely visits to a veterinary hospital for vaccination and routine examination.

Reasons for choosing us

For twenty years now, the Immorteli breeding center and our dogs are known in not only the Russian Federation, but also abroad.

Our dogs take active part in exhibitions held in Russia and abroad.

All our owners receive the necessary consultations on growing, grooming, making an exhibition career as well as further breeding activities.

Many owners, who acquire a puppy from us, become members of the large and friendly Immorteli family, keeping friendship of like-minded people and love of the breed for many years to come!